Remembering those who have fallen in battle, fighting for freedom and peace.

Below we have a letter written home during WW1.

It was written by Rifleman Sidney W. Smallcombe, 62807, to his family on October 8th, 1918

He was 17 years 7 months when he enlisted in 1917. He served with the Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)

My dear Mother and Father,

Just a few lines hoping they will find all at home in the best of health as it leaves me the same. Well I can’t make it out. I have wrote two letters home, and one to our Steve, and one to our Lill, and I have not had an answer to any of them yet, but I don’t think you have forgotten me have you.

Well it is my birthday today, and I (am) 19 as I suppose you know. What do you think of the war news. What with Bulgaria giving in and Turkey thinking of it I reckon it won’t last the year out. Well the winter is coming on us now, and I can tell you we begin to know it and all. It is a week since I have had any letter from anyone.

This is all I have to say so I will close and remain your loving son,





He was killed in action in Picardy on 11th October just three days after he wrote that letter.

The telegram to his family probably got home before his letter which I still have.

Dad and I went to see the memorial at Vis-en-Artois to those who died, he has no grave.


Rifleman Sidney W. Smallcombe was Chris Willis’s Grandmother’s older brother, and she never forgot “Our Sid”.

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