Syllabus 2018


9 Jan              ‘Birth, Babies & Bedsteads: Womens lives in the North of England, 1500 – 1750’

                        by Sarah Fox.


13 Feb           ‘King Richard III – The Bones & the DNA’   by David Glover.


13 March     ‘The Treasurers House, York’  by Trevor Moody.


10 April        ‘Rushes & Ale: A History of Rushbearing’  by Garry Stringfellow.


8 May            ‘Rippondens World War Two Decoy Site: Operation Starfish’

                       by David Taylor.


12 June         ‘A Trip down Memory Lane’  by Keith Barber.


10 July           Quiz and Social Evening.


14 Aug          ‘Patterns in the Landscape: the Evolution of Settlement and Enclosure in the Upper Calder Valley’  by                            Nigel Smith.


11 Sept         ‘Vere Foster : What a Man’  by Margaret Barnes.


26 Sept          Annual Dinner.


9 Oct             ‘Local Law & Order’  by David Cliff.


13 Nov          ‘Mills of the Ryburn Valley re-visited’  by Julian Carr.


11 Dec           Annual General Meeting & slide show.